Saturday, April 3, 2010

Date Night!!

Last night my mom and dad watched the boys for us. We don't get many nights off but when we do, it is so nice. We started off the day by dropping the kids off at grandmas around 8:00 in the morning. After we gave them a thousand kisses, we left them there with the grandmas to watch them.. I think my mom and grandma were going to be watching them most of the day, then they would go home with my mom? So after my mom made us leave (it's just so hard telling them bye) we decided to go get us some breakfast, and then run to the bank so we could deposit some moola, and open up Marak his Moola Moola account. *at our bank a Moola Moola account is just one for kids, I think they get little gifts when they deposit money?* So Wes and I ate breakfast at Carl's Jr. it was so nice to eat to actually eat when your food is still hot! We didn't have to listen to kids talking 90 to nothing, whining, kids not eating their food, or kids playing with their food. Wes and I were so giddy people probably thought we were weird. So then it was off to the bank. At the bank we ran into a good friend of Wesley's, they have known each other since kindergarten and have been best friends since. So we stayed and talked to him, the boys made plans to get together the weekend after next. So it was turning out to be a great trip. Then we went home to do some stuff around the house that is impossible to do with the kids home. I rotated the kids clothes and got together a bunch of clothes to donate. Wes fixed our gate so that we wouldn't have to worry about dogs coming into the yard or kids leaving the yard. We got to eat another quite lunch, while it was still hot. I made us some really yummy nachos (I should have taken a picture but they were so good and I was just too excited to eat it while hot, that I forgot)After lunch I started making these really cute little birds nest for our Easter get together today. I will have to post a picture of them later. Then we just kind of piddled around the house and relaxed and then decided to go out to eat! How nice out to eat, and no kids snot on my clothes too!

This is us after we got done eating. Wes kept on laughing at me cause I would take a picture and post it. He's not as techy as me.

After we ate we had to go to Walmart and get a few things for the house. We decided to just walk around and look at stuff, because we never get to walk around and look with the kids with us. Usually it is in and out fast. So we stumbled upon some bikes, we can't wait for the boys to get a little bigger so that we can all get some bikes and ride them around our island. The little boy in the background was really cute he rode that little bike all around the toy area. I told Wes to take a picture of me on the bike and he said I don't think you can ride them around the store. My mature response was..if that little kid can, so can I!

After Walmart we ran and rented some movies, Sherlock Holmes and the invention of lying. We watched Sherlock Holmes last night but were to tired to watch the other one. We will watch it today. So this was our wild and crazy date day with out the kids. It was SO nice! Thanks mom for watching those boys hope your not too tired!


  1. You are very very welcome. Glad you and Wes had a good rest. Love those babies!

  2. I'm so glad you like to take pictures! You know me and my pictures. :)
    How sweet of your mom to watch the boys so y'all could spend some time together. I'm sure your mom and the boys had a great time as well!

  3. Val I love to take pictures, but my ancient computer is really hard to upload them to. I finally got a cell phone with internet, so it makes uploading them so much easier!

    Mom and the boys had a great time, they love their nana