Friday, February 4, 2011


It's snowing here in Oklahoma!! And for me it came just at the right time. Right in between Brody's birthday and mine. However the snow isn't stopping so my birthday may be ruined a bit, but that's okay because Brody's was awesome!! We had all of our family over and some of Brody's nearest and dearest friends over. Okay so maybe it was my nearest and dearest friends and their sweet little children. But it's only inevitable that our kids will become best friends too. The party was great! I made and designed my first dessert bar for the party and it turned out so cute! I was really wanting to take a lot a good pictures of it so I could post them but I ended up getting so busy with the party that I didn't take one darn picture of it. Luckily my Aunt Nancy was the only one to get a pic of it.

Its taken from kind of far away, I wish I would have gotten some up close. But it turned out so good, and it was such a hit!! We had sour apple gumballs, strawberry cake pops, birthday cake, ice cream, rice crispy pops, orange slices, and some candied trail mix. It was all so good!! Brody loved it, he is such a sugaroholic that it was perfect for him.

This is Wes and I with our sweet little Birthday Boy!! Not sure if you can tell from the pictures but we had a dinosaur Birthday party!!

This is the Birthday cake I made for my sweet Brody. The bottom layer was German chocolate cake with marshmallow cream filling, and chocolate frosting. And the top layer was a little more riskier, I really wasn't sure if anyone would like it or not, but I loved it so wanted to make it. It was Banana Cake with the same frosting and filling! It was so delicious. It is kind of like Banana bread, but with a cake was so yummy!!! The party was so much fun, I love being around our friends and family. It was a good day, the kids ended up falling asleep from a sugar induced was lovely!