Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This morning

This morning like most week day mornings started off with a bang! My oh so sweet little angels decided it would be a good idea to reset our alarm clock, so I ended up waking up an hour late!! I guess last night while my husband was putting up laundry they were conspiring against us. So as I wake up in a panic I frantically hop in the shower and get around. As I was finishing up Marak woke up crying, saying "momma, momma, mommma, mommma!" So I take Marak from Wes, just as Brody wakes up too! So Wes helps me take the kiddo's to the couch so that they can watch t.v. while I start on breakfast and making our lunches. When I tell Wes the time, his panic sets in and he too starts frantically getting ready too! In the mean time, I am starting breakfast, and starting our lunches. Marak finds the remote and turns off Dora, which make Brody mad. So I turn it back on, but instead of Dora I put on Diego (they are all the same, and I couldn't remember in my panic state which one he was watching) So as I am going back to the kitchen, I hear in a whine "NO, I not want it, I not want diego!!!!" So we compromised with a movie...UP" So as I once again try to get lunches made and some breakfast ate. Marak starts crying and wants to be held. So I ended up holding him all morning as I ran around frantically getting ready. Brody decided he wanted to eat my breakfast, then after I gave it to him he spit it all out back in my bowl with a "YUCK! Gross mommma, this is YUCKIE!!!) he didn't care for the nuts in my oatmeal, go figure! So then our neighbor came over and grinded us some coffee beans, and we made coffee....then she took the kids next door for daycare. Phew we made it I thought to myself! The kids left with kisses for momma, and some LUV U's too. Then I ran to the back of the house threw on some clothes (I have a rule to NEVER get dressed until you are walking out the door....too many mis-haps with the kids) ran to the kitchen, started looking for my ear ring in the fridge (ment to open up the junk drawer in the kitchen, but my panicked state made me open the fridge) couldn't find it. So I made my coffee in my to go cup, grabbed my lunch. Then got a kiss, hug, slap on the rear, and an I LOVE YOU from my hubby. And I was off to work, which by the way when I got here I found some oatmeal in my hair! Guess Brody felt bad for eating mine then spitting it back out in my bowl so he left me some for later! Couldn't imagine a better way to start off the day!

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  1. Oh, how I remember those days Katy!
    As the boys get a little older it will be so much fun having them close together. They'll be best buds.
    Wow....just reading this made me tired. :)

    Your blog is SO cute. I love it!
    I've never known how to do a really cute header like that.
    We'll have to have a little tutoring session one of these days.

    Love ya Katy. Have a great weekend.