Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Part I

This past weekend was a busy one. My husband and Brody went down to the farm. He had to help his mom with some plumbing, and Brody had to see all of the cows. So they left friday night and left Marak and I to spend the weekend together. Marak passed out early Friday night so I started baking some calazones for my sweet friend Shelley, she just had her second child, a girl named Audrey. I will elaborate more in another post because I have pictures for it. So I stayed up late baking on Friday evening. Saturday Marak and I got up and had breakfast then rushed around the house to be at one of our favorite little cousins soccer games.

This is Jaycie she is on the 4 & 5 year old team. I think her whole team is all 4 years old. The game was 20 - 1 and our sweet little Jaycie made the only goal for her team!! We were so proud of her! She did such an amazing job. The other team had to have a 5 year old on their team because this one little girl (the one who scored all 20 points) towered over all of the kids and anytime she got the ball it was going in. It really wasn't fair! But our little Jaycie stepped up and put us on the board and we could have been happier about the game!

While the game was going on Marak sat in the wagon and played with Jaycies big sis Jadynn and her little sis Jenna. I love it when the boys play with the girls, they are all so cute. It reminds me of when I was little and I played with their dad Johnny. Johnny is about 10 years older than me, but when I was little I just loved playing with him, and he always took time out to play with me. He was so sweet, just like his girls are.

This is a photo of the gang! Too bad Brody wasn't there, he LOVES the little girls. What a great day at the soccer field such nice weather. What a beautiful day. After the game we went to see the new baby. I will continue on about it in the next post.

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