Thursday, September 30, 2010

Staying Home

It is official....I am now a stay at home mom!!! I finally made the leap to leave the corporate world for the potty training world. Monday was my first official day at home, and we celebrated with a trip to the zoo! We had so much fun. My grandmother, mom and little brother came with us. The boys were so good, they hardly made a peep! They were so excited about seeing all of the animals. It was such a wonderful way to celebrate being a stay at home mom. The rest of the week has been pretty busy, much more than I thought it would be. It is so relaxing to not have to plan anything and not worry about the silly things like, pricing hose kits and planning productions schedules. My days used to filled with such stress, if I couldn't make things happen then a major oil company would have a unit down and be out tons of money. Now may days are filled with potty training, the wonder pets, baking cakes, and two precious little boys. SO MUCH BETTER!

The cakes have picked up so much. Next week I have a baby shower cake, wedding cake, grooms cake, and a birthday cake...oops make that two birthday cakes. So it will be busy and the little boys will be excited to taste test the cake batter and the frosting. And I will get to anxiously await hearing Brody say... "Mom this is really good birthday party!" As he is licking cake batter off of the whippers. He says it every time I make cake, and I just love hearing it! I have started a website for the cake business, if you would like to check it out you can go to I am also thinking about opening an account on and selling fondant cupcake toppers. Does any of you use etsy to sell anything on it? Or have even heard of etsy?

Well now that I am staying home be looking forward to much more smelly boy stories, and some baking too!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The cake business is getting busier and busier! My latest project is for a very special man. He is not only the pastor of First Baptist Church of Dale, the principle of Harrah Middle School, but he is the father of a very good friend of mine. He is by far one of the nicest people I have ever met. This year is a very important birthday for Big Doug because, he is turning the big 5-0!! I hope you enjoy!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Some of the cake projects

So here is one of the cakes I made recently. This is a very special cake for me because this was my first cake for a lady I didn't know!! Up until this point all of the cakes I have been made have been for someone I know either a family member or a friend so that means either for my cousin Edye or my friend Amber. So this was HUGE for me because I would actually be making money on this cake, so it was HUGE for me. This was for a Hannah Montana birthday party, I forgot to take a picture of it once it was all set up, but the finished cake was spectacular!! It had a bunch of stars coming out of the top of the cake, and it had the girls name spelled out in fondant and attached to wire. It was way cool. The lady I made it for e-mailed me a pic. I will have to get it saved and uploaded :) But until then here is the cake, and you will have to visualize the stars.

These are the stars that were on top of the cake, I had this pink color and some in a maroon color, they looked fantastic on top of the cake.

More Cake Projects

Here are a few more cakes I have made lately....
This one is probably one of my favorites, mostly because I just LOVE the little girl I made this for. This was for my little cousin Jaycie, she is by far one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen, and so are her two sisters. This also was one of the easier cakes I have made which is really nice. I actually got to eat this one, and it was so yummy!! I made it out of one of my favorite cakes for kids parties. It was party chip cake, and in the middle I spread a layer of icing, a layer of sprinkles, then another layer of icing. It was YUMMY!!! Wish you all could have tried it.

This next one is some cupcakes I made for a friend who was having a pool party. She had about 7 different birthdays she was celebrating at the pool party so I thought the flowers and fish made for a good pool party that was celebrating both girls and boys.

Hope you have enjoyed the cakes, I am sure there will be more to come!

Bad Little Blogger

I have been such a bad blogger in not blogging at all!! So Sorry!! I have been missing it but have been so super busy!! The cake business is picking up, which is very exciting! I have an order every weekend this month and have had to turn down two because I just didn't have the time to commit to them. I have made some really cute cakes recently and need to post some pics. I have started a fan page on facebook for my cake business. It is Katycakes. I also need to post some pictures to it as well, but just haven't had the time. You are probably wondering what has been taking up so much time that it has taken me away from my love of blogging...well lots of stuff. Besides kids and cakes, there has been work, family, new career, and kids, kids, kids, oh and some cake.
In March I started a new journey, one day while sitting at my desk at work, feeling very upset with situations at work and missing my kids. I was having that daily tug of war with work and kids. I noticed I had this huge feeling in my heart that I was not doing what I was supposed to be doing with my life. I just felt that my place in the world was much needed somewhere else, like at home with my boys. So I started to think of ways that I could make this happen, the most obvious was to just ask my work I if could work from home, I thought it would be possible since another lady at work does the same thing.....but when I asked they turned it down. I was so bummed out. I really love what I do at work, which I NEVER thought those words would ever come out of my mouth when I started there. When I started I was into fashion and marketing not the oil field. But as time went on and I grew up I realized that I do love it. I love getting to help people, and I love that my opinion is valued by some of the most important men in one of the largest oil companies in the world, and that those men who I normally do not help on a daily business see me and think I have no clue what I am talking about because I look too prissy, but after a few min they realize that I can run circles around them. It is a great feeling, when you have their trust an confidence in an industry that not too long ago women were not allowed to work in. Okay so back to the journey.... I started looking into ways that we could afford for me to stay home, and I came up with doing medical billing from home. So I started taking a class and trained on how to do it. Now that I have passed the class and have started to look for work... I am realizing that it is VERY hard to get work, because most doctor's offices want to hire someone who has been in the field for over 2 years. And to make it more stressful, my last day of work is September 24th, which is crazy because I am not one of those irresponsible people who quit a job without something lined out, and the events of how that happened would take forever to explain, but that is how the cards were delt. So that leaves me very soon to be without a job, and nothing lined out. So it has got me to thinking again....I is very dangerous when that happens. But I was thinking, what am I doing? Am I really going to enjoy this as much as what I do now? Staying home with the boys would be amazing, but I still have that feeling deep down that I am not doing what I am supposed to do...then it came to me. My calling is food. It is my passion. Whether it is cakes, making outstanding dinners, or some pioneer woman cinnamon rolls, I love it...all of it, no matter how many dirty dishes are piled up in the sink when I am done. So after Sept. 24 you will find me at home with my crazy little boys making some wonderful food for anyone who wants to buy it. So Katycakes is in full force, along with some other cooking adventures maybe some catering? Maybe a lunch service for large offices?? I will keep you all posted. Pray this goes well, and my husband doesn't divorce me for putting us through financial ruin, if this doesn't work out!