Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fishing in the potty!

I have a love hate relationship with dryer sheets. I love how good they smell, and how soft they make our clothes. I love that they remove the clingy static that loves to stick on our clothes. You can rub dryer sheets on your skin to keep the bugs off of you in the summer time. They have many good uses, however....I hate how we always seem to have a million used ones left in our laundry basket. I even find those things under our bed, or dresser (we fold clothes in our bed room(most of the time)) And on the rare occasion that we fold laundry in the living room, I find them stuffed in the couch cushions and underneath the couch. Our little boys like to pick them up and walk off with them, and then place them in strange places. It even seems like when you go to throw them away they always seem to miss the trash can. They are such a mess, but I keep on using them, the soft good smelling clothes always make me come back to them.

Tonight as I was doing laundry, Brody was helping me, so I asked him to take the heaping pile of used dryer sheets and stick them in the trash (our boys LOVE it when we ask them to throw things in the trash...weird I know...but they do!)Here is how this played out...

Me: Brody can you take this (heaping pile of dryer sheets)and throw them in the trash NEXT to the potty please.

Brody: OKAY Momma!!
(he then runs to our bathroom and before I can stop him....he throws them in the potty)

Me: Brody this is goes in the trash can NOT in the potty! ONLY pee pee and poo poo go in the potty!

Brody: Okay Momma!

So gross!! This is one of those things that if you would have asked me 3 years ago if I ever thought I would have to fish out dryer sheets from the potty, I would have said Heck No! But fast forward 3 years and here I am fishing out dryer sheets, and trying really hard not to bust out laughing (laughing would have only encouraged him to do it again!)He QUACKS me up!

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