Monday, April 26, 2010

My Little Helpers

This past week I had to make a cake for a lady at work. So on the evening I had to bake my cake, my little helpers heard me in the kitchen pulling out the mixer. They know what that sound means. When they hear the mixer being pulled out on the counter they know that good things are to follow! Brody my oldest LOVES to help me cook, it doesn't matter if it is something sweet and delicious or something he hates like meatballs. Either way he is in the kitchen with me watching and helping. His favorite thing to do is to stir the mixing bowl or anything else as long as he can stir something.

This is a photo of my little helpers in action. Marak is to small still to sit on the counter, and if he wasn't able to see what was going on he would stand at my feet holding onto my legs and cry until he was held up so he could see. And since he weighs a TON, he gets in the high chair.

And in case you were wondering this is what happens when your 2 year old loves helping and decides to help crack an egg! It was funny we all smiled and laughed. After that Brody didn't want to crack anymore eggs, the slimy egg creeped him out!

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