Monday, April 5, 2010

Crock Pot Rotel Chicken

We had one of our favorite dinners tonight. Crock Pot Rotel Chicken. It is one of my favorite things to make because it is SO easy and you can put it on anything!! Here is how you make it:

5-6 Frozen chicken breast
1 pkg. taco seasoning
1 can rotel

Mix the rotel and the taco seasoning, pour over frozen chicken (while in the crock pot) turn crock pot on low, and walk away.

My low setting is 10 hrs. so I normally set and and leave for work, then when I come home I take a fork and stir it together, then you have the best chicken fajita mixture. You can put it on chips, tortillas, pitas, or anything else you can think of. My friend Deana from work gave me this recipe about a 3 months ago and I think we have had it about 4 maybe 5 times since. My husband loves it. Tonight I had mine on a pita with pinto beans, black olives, sour cream, cheese, rotel cheese dip (because you can't have enough cheese), and mango salsa. You talk about yummy! Wes had pretty much the same thing but he put his on chips, and so did my neighbor Zoeanne. She came over to drop off the boys and smelt the yummy goodness so she had dinner with us.

Here is what it looked like in the crock pot, after I stirred it with a fork. It looks kind of icky here, but I promise it isn't.

This is everything we used to make our yummy mexi-goodness. This cheese is my favorite, it is made by Tillamook (it is actual real cheese, not the processed kind in the stores) I highly suggest the real cheese in anything you make, it makes a huge difference. The salsa is also one of my favorites, Newmans he just makes the best stuff.

And here is what my plate looked like, I poured the rotel cheese dip on top with the mango salsa. As Rachael Ray would say "yummo"

Hope you try it, if so let me know I would love to hear how you liked it.


  1. That sounds so good Katy and I'm definitely interested in any recipe that easy and good. :)
    I'll have to try this very soon!
    Crock pots are the best. I need to use mine more often.

  2. Katy,
    My favorite place in the world is Tillamook, Oregon. Years ago when I visited Grandpa Carter, we toured the cheese factory and even got to go in the back rooms where they age the cheese. Can you imagine floor to ceiling rounds of cheese? Lovely!!

    I get my Tillamook cheese at Sam's and prefer either the red (sharp) or the black (extra sharp) packages.

    Glad to find your blog. Your mom sent the address in an email. Your blog is very impressive. I love to read about the boys and really enjoy the pictures.

    Linda Carter