Friday, May 21, 2010

Family Night!!

Tonight we did one of my favorite things...Family Night. Now that the boys are a bit older I like to do something together as a family. Usually Family night occurs right before Wes has to work out of town. It's a good way to send him off, and it gives the boys something fun to do with their dad. So tonight we decided to take the boys out for pizza. It is hard to go out to eat with the boys, there are limited places we can go because Brody is such a picky eater. So we usually have to go somewhere where we can get pizza (and that has to look just so so or he won't eat it) or somewhere where he can get chicky fries (chicken & french fries). We have LOTS of issues with Brody and food so you never know if or what he will eat. So he normally determines where we go.

This is Wes and Brody before we ate.

This is Wes helping Brody eat, his pizza was too hot so he made Wes hold it for him while he ate. Even after it cooled down, he still made Wes hold it. I was cracking up, it was too cute!

Brody saw his dad putting the "fake" Parmesan cheese on his pizza, and he had to do it too. He liked it so much that he had to sprinkle it on every time he went to take a bite. He even started to pour it on his hand and lick it off. Which really surprised me because the kid likes his food very bland, or it has to have sugar poured all over it before he will eat it. I am afraid he gets the sugar thing from me. He was just born to be that way, while I was pregnant with him, I kid you not the only things I wanted to eat were chocolate, sugar, french fries, and cheeseburgers. I had to have chocolate every day!!

This is what Marak was doing while we were eating. Don't let this picture fool you, he scarfed down his pizza. But while he was doing so he was turned around in his chair watching football on the big screen. Which is really funny because we can't get him to sit down and watch anything at home. I guess he really likes football, he should, he is built like a line backer.

After we got done eating we had to do some grocery shopping. Out of everything in the store Marak latched onto this bottle of coke and wouldn't let it down. He even had to have it with him in the car, and play with it before he went to bed. Nothing like cheap entertainment :) It was a great night, great way to spend it before Wes is out of town. Now the kids are passed out and Wes is packing...that's right I said packing. He is even doing some last minute laundry so that he can pack it too!!! Men! When will they ever be prepared??

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