Thursday, November 4, 2010

Potty Training

We have hit a milestone here at the Seymour house. Our oldest little boy has begun an adventure of a life time, well at least his biggest adventure so far....Potty training. I was not so sure what to expect going into it, or really the do's or don'ts of training someone to potty. And since I stay home with them, and Wes is working a lot, I knew it would be mostly up to me to get him trained. My biggest fear of the potty training was what to do when we go in public?? Since 75% of the time it would just be me with the boys, and Marak is SO hard to keep still or even to get him to listen. Marak is what I like to call a runner, as soon as he gets the chance to be out of the shopping basket or stroller, he runs for dear life to get away and explore. So after several weeks of pottying at home and having him be able to tell me when he needs to go, and not having any accidents, I decided to test it out in public. I decided my best shot of this would be late morning when everyone is at work. So we went to soon as we got there I asked Brody if he had to go and he said yes. So off to the bathroom we went! And as I guessed, as soon as Marak was down and in the bathroom he tried to make a run for it. But after a stern talking to and giving him the stink eye he complied and watched his big brother go potty! It was a success!! So now going out in public with a potty trainer isn't so bad. Brody has really done very well, and we have had only 1 accident in 2 weeks! He is even taking naps in underwear. I am so proud of my little pottier!


  1. That's exciting!!! I can't wait for my little man to start going potty. Hopefully soon!


  2. It is very exciting! It's just so nice not to have to buy as many diapers!!