Monday, September 6, 2010

Some of the cake projects

So here is one of the cakes I made recently. This is a very special cake for me because this was my first cake for a lady I didn't know!! Up until this point all of the cakes I have been made have been for someone I know either a family member or a friend so that means either for my cousin Edye or my friend Amber. So this was HUGE for me because I would actually be making money on this cake, so it was HUGE for me. This was for a Hannah Montana birthday party, I forgot to take a picture of it once it was all set up, but the finished cake was spectacular!! It had a bunch of stars coming out of the top of the cake, and it had the girls name spelled out in fondant and attached to wire. It was way cool. The lady I made it for e-mailed me a pic. I will have to get it saved and uploaded :) But until then here is the cake, and you will have to visualize the stars.

These are the stars that were on top of the cake, I had this pink color and some in a maroon color, they looked fantastic on top of the cake.

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  1. Beautiful!!
    Just saw your comment at Picture Me Cooking, send an email via the website with your address and I will ship you the books :)