Friday, March 19, 2010

Lots of thoughts

I have been plagued with lots of thoughts lately. I am having the most trouble trying to decide on my next course of action in life. I am at a cross roads, and don't know where to turn. I am facing a huge decision to leave my job which I mostly love to stay at home with the kids and find something that I can do from home to earn some extra and most needed income. For the most part I love my job, I love what I do, but I do not enjoy the people I work for...which who really does anyways. I love that I know things that pertain to my job that I never ever dreamed I would ever want to or know about. I love that one of the largest oil companies in the world values my opinion on certain application, and that I actually know how to help them. On the other hand there is the office politics that I hate and being away from my little punks. I would love to spend all day with them. I am thinking about possible quitting and staying at home and doing medical billing from home to help supplement the income. I wouldn't have to make as much since we will be cutting out the large daycare bill. (1000 mo.) so I really think that this could work. If I stayed at home I would have time to work out, make cakes, blog and do other things I enjoy too.

I recently had to stay home from work for a week, with the flu (yuck!) but it gave me a lot to think about...when I wasn't feeling like I was dieing. But how nice it would be to stay home and take care of my little punks. Then I thought how much precious time we are missing out on while being at work. I am still considering my options but I am pretty sure that I will some how end up working from home. I will keep you posted :)

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