Monday, February 1, 2010


This past Sunday was my little (oldest baby) birthday!! I don't know about you other moms out there, but on his birthday I always find myself at some point getting teary eyed. I always get so sentimental and just so over joyed that we are lucky enough to be his parents, just thinking about it makes me tear up all over again. Brody turned two this year, and I am always so thankful for him. Out of my two boys my pregnancy with him was by far the hardest. I had some complications, and that 9 mo. period was by far the most stressed out & emotional period of my life. Two major events happened with him when I was pregnant. The first my grandfather (who I am very close to) became ill during my 3 or 4th month, and by the time my 6th month came he had passed away. My poor little Brody had to feel all of the stress and hurt I was going through, but that amazing little boy also helped me get past it. And the second thing that happened was that in my 8th month, I found out that my mom had cancer, and that is what did me in putting me into labor...early. But our wonderful little boy made it through just fine and when he was born he looked at Wes and I and gave us the sweetest little smile, and all was right with the world again. Now that he is 2 he doing so much and learning so much every day. I find it so amazing to watch how his mind works, and how he learns. He has started coping us when we talk, and he is playing like a little boy now. He seems like he has grown up over night.

We had to cancel his party because it snowed and had iced so badly this weekend, so we will be having it next weekend. Luckily we had planned ahead and we had our own little family party at the house, it was really nice. He was excited to open his presents and eat his cupcake and ice cream. We sang Happy Birthday to him randomly all day long. I think by the end of the night he stared to realize that it was his special day. Now we are getting ready for his big party this weekend. His cousins and friends from daycare will be there along with some of my friends from high school and their children. It will be a lot of fun, he will be very excited.

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