Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Wonderful Lazy Weekend!

This past weekend a very rare thing occurred for us...we had nothing to do!! How wonderful it was. Our weekends usually consist of doing projects around the house, or carting the kids with us out to see family, or errands or about a thousand other things. But this past weekend we had nothing to do, and it was SO very needed. We kicked off our lazy weekend with one of my kiddos favorite things...pancakes for breakfast. I like to make my own mix, and Brody usually likes to help me make them. Here is the kiddo's enjoying their pancakes.
We cleaned house (some but not much) and watched movies. We played cars, built stuff out of Lego's and chased the kids around the house. It was so nice, I love playing with the boys like that. This month is usally pretty busy for us, my oldest son's Birthday is on the 31st, and I love to go all out for parties, so I usually do a lot of planning. I made his invitations, and bought all of the stuff for the party. We are having a Toy Story party, it is his favorite thing right now. I am making his cake (I will post pics after it is made) so I have been busy planning everything. This weekend we are supposed to have weather as bad as the Oklahoma Blizzard of 09, so we may have to reschedule it for next weekend :( I really hope we don't or we will have a very sad little boy at our house.

1 comment:

  1. The boys are so cute Katy!
    I'm glad y'all had some down time. Everyone needs that occasionally.
    I've had 4 days at home and have loved every minute of it.
    Hope the party went on as planned.